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Harmonica Man- The Paul Lamb
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Track Listing Disc 1 Track Listing Disc 2

1. Whoopin

2. Sugar Mama

3. Firing Line

4. Madison Blues

5. My Woman Has A Black Cat Bone

6. Bloody Murder

7. Hey Woman

8. Evening Sun

9. Snakeskin Jump

10. Once Too Often

11. Texas Boogie

12. Why Do You Treat Me So

13. Don't Lose Your Cool (Live)

14. The Girl For Me

15. Just A Dream

16. Whoop & Holler

1. Harmonica Man

2. The Pillow

3. Should Be Mine

4. John Henry Jumps In

5. My Baby Left Me

6. Jump For It

7. Done Quit Drinking

8. Please Tell Me

9. Millenium Blues

10. Look Out Pinetop

11. I'm A Blues Man

12. No Glue In The World

13. Crazy For Me

14. Tuesday Blues

15. Days Of Jive

16. Take Your Time

17. Mad About My Baby (Live)

18. More Than All Right (Live)

19. I'm Going Down (Live)

20. Hootin & Screamin (Live)

21. Makes You Feel Good (Live)

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